Apparently farm journalists are not known for being snappy dressers.

I was informed of this last year by a young man at Canadian Western Agribition. I started to defend my profession. Then I glanced at my shoes.

But in all fairness, fashion must take a backseat to function when you’re traipsing through cattle barns.


Contrary to popular belief, farm journalists can dress well. We prove this each year at our national conference, which includes an awards ceremony and gala.

I reminded myself of this fact before I headed to the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild Conference in Regina earlier this month. I was lucky enough to place second in the John V. Hicks Long Manuscript contest, which meant reading at the gala. Which meant dressing up.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

I borrowed a pair of black boots from a good friend (thanks Maggie!). A friend at the conference was relieved that I didn’t wear my battered cowboy boots with the dress.

Next time.

All this preamble is really an excuse to showcase Danica Lorer’s photography (check out her blog).

Even though you can't see my boots, I can assure you they're fantastic.
Even though you can’t see my boots, I can assure you they’re fantastic.

I knew I could. I knew I could. I knew I could.

Change does not come easy

Despite my successful effort at cleaning up (well, I think it was successful), the changes didn’t really stick. Last week I was back at Agribition in Regina, barely concerned about what I was wearing at all.

One night I joined some friends for dinner at The Diplomat, which is a high-end steak joint in downtown Regina. I hadn’t had time to change after the show. My sweater and jeans were okay, but I didn’t have another pair of boots with me to switch out. There was likely a little manure on them.

When we reached our table, there was the young man who’d commented about farm journalism fashion last year. He was wearing a snappy sports coat.


But it was fine. We had fun. No one said anything about my boots. And the steak was excellent.