Reading West Podcast

Information for readers

If you’re a listener interested in writing by Western Canadian authors, this podcast is for you! You’ll get a chance to hear a sample of each writer’s work, and if you’re interested in reading more, I’ll tell you where you can buy the book.  Subscribe on iTunes,  listen online at Libsyn, and find it on Stitcher.  If you like what you hear, please rate it–it will help other listeners find the podcast.

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Information for authors

Are you an author  (with a published book-length work) currently living in Western Canada? Are you comfortable recording yourself reading your work? If so, please consider submitting to Reading West. I’ll accept all types of writing, including fiction, non-fiction, memoir, and poetry. I’ll also accept published/performed plays.

How to do it:

  1. Please read from one published work, for about 10 or 15 minutes.
  2. Record the reading in a quiet room, with minimal background noise or echo.
  3. Please say your name at the start of the recording so I pronounce it properly when I introduce you. Then leave about 10 seconds of silence at the beginning of the recording so I can knock out background noise.
  4. You have a few options for recording your reading: a mic plugged into your laptop, recording into Audacity, your iPhone, a digital audio recorder…
  5. If you flub, just pause a few seconds, and then redo it. Let me know you’ve flubbed, and the time stamp, to make it easier for me to cut it out.
  6. Also send me a short bio and info on where people can buy your book.
  7. Upload files to the Reading West Dropbox, and let me know when it’s online. Please contact me at lisa(at)lisaguenther(dot)com for access to the Dropbox or if you have questions.

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