Summer Blogging?

As you may have noticed, I’m a very inconsistent blogger. And summer pretty much destroys my motivation to blog. After all, the days are already getting shorter, and it’s just a matter of (brief) time before joy-crushing darkness returns.

(Note: need to replenish Vitamin D stocks).

To be honest, I’m not terribly motivated to work on my creative writing right now, either. I finished up my novel in July, and I haven’t done a blessed thing since, other than start and stop a few short stories. I should start the next big project soon: either a non-fiction account of the Turtle Lake Fire, which nearly burned through the whole country in 2002, or another novel (I think I might have a series on my hand).

But you know, I just don’t have time. Here’s why:

Horses, horses, horses

View from Crocus Hill
View from Crocus Hill

I have too many horses. I own three, two of which are broke. The third I just sent to a trainer a couple weeks ago, and he’s doing very well.

Plus I’ve been starting a young mare, Blondie, for my Dad. She kept trying to buck me off this spring, but I think I’ve got her figured out, and she hasn’t tried to ditch me for a while.

I’ve been putting a lot of miles on my four-year-old mare, Foxtrot (that is not an intentional Wilco reference, btw, LF. She is red and smart and she likes to trot. And the Foxtrot is also a very fine dance, in my opinion).

I started Foxtrot in the spring of 2012, and for a while I thought she might kill me.  She was way worse than bucking Blondie. But she’s shaped up into a fine young Quarter Horse. She enjoys working cattle and going on long trail rides. I’m planning to take her on a 15 or 25 mile competitive trail ride this Thanksgiving.


Brightsand Lake
Brightsand Lake

Those of you who haven’t visited Saskatchewan may find this hard to believe, but I’m basically surrounded by lakes with nice beaches. So if the weather is hot, you might find me at the beach, trying not to burn, digging into a good book.




Watching Breaking Bad

Why do they have to air this show in the summer? Just one more reason for me to hate Walt.

Pick a nicer character on a winter series next time, Cranston.


I’m no musician. When I sing, my husband laughs his butt off (he’s a musician/carpenter).

But I have a deep appreciation for music, so I was happy to help host Petunia and the Vipers earlier this summer. And I’m even happier that they’re coming back to Livelong in October (come see the show if you live in the area).

Here they are playing at Dexter Hall, Turtle Lake, Sask. More videos from that concert here.

I also checked out the Regina Folk Festival for the first time this summer. There was lots of wonderful music, but I think the highlight for me was watching Neko Case, Rosanne Cash, the Caroline Chocolate Drops, and Hayden perform on the free stage (they took turns).

During that concert, Rhiannon Giddens of the Drops turned in a really powerful performance on “Leaving Eden.” She stood so still, yet radiated so much emotion, she commanded everyone’s full attention. There were a lot of moist eyes on stage and in the audience by the time she finished up (video below from the Grand Ole Opry).

Now I know why my neighbours go every year.

And now you know what I’ve done with my summer.