Venue Hop: Crandleberrys

Carmen and I kicked off the second leg of our tour at Crandleberrys, in North Battleford. Crandleberrys has been around since 2007, and under new ownership since this summer. It has a reputation for good coffee and good food, and from what I’ve seen, the new owners are maintaining that standard.

The coffee shop is a fair-sized space, divided in two by a wall that runs down the centre of the room, stopping short of the counter. We set up in the corner in one side, and so everyone sat on that side of the room.  I think that worked well because everyone was closer together, rather than spread out over a large space. We had about 15 people show up, so it felt relatively intimate.

The other thing I liked about Crandleberrys was that they were easy to work with. They hung our poster in the door (not every venue did this), and they were quite laid-back. I would certainly recommend them to any writer or even singer-songwriter who was thinking about playing in North Battleford.

North Battleford also has a decent arts scene these days. Most of the people at the show were people we knew, but not everyone. And the Battleford News-Optimist gave us some coverage, both before and after the event.