Venue Hop: Dr. Coffee’s Cafe in Regina

One day in May, a friend and I strolled into Dr. Coffee’s Cafe for a jolt of java. The coffee was lovely, and we really enjoyed the well-lit, comfy atmosphere. The coffee shop was quite new, and  located in downtown Regina, and I thought to myself that this would be a perfect spot for the upcoming Secret Fire tour. And I was right.

Annabel and Matt are behind Dr. Coffee. The cafe’s name is very fitting because Annabel has a PhD in human geography, focusing on the specialty coffee industry. Carmen and I were planning to roll into town on a Sunday, a day that Dr. Coffee is usually closed. But Annabel was kind enough to open for us that day. We owe her a huge thanks for throwing open the doors to us.

The space itself worked for our small show of 15, but could easily accomodate more. It’s kid-friendly, which I appreciated (I’m not a mom, but support parents bringing their kids to events. And besides, moms read books).

But the crucial thing is that Dr. Coffee is already a part of the community. They launched into Nanowrimo with a “Night of Writing Dangerously.” They hosted a Halloween party.

If you’re looking for a place to do a reading in Regina, do check out Dr. Coffee’s Cafe.  Or even just stop in for a mug of superb coffee. I will likely be stopping in this week for a cup of the dark stuff while I’m covering Agribition.