Venue Hop: Library Readings

Authors and public libraries go together like peanut butter and jelly, so when I had a chance to read in both the Yorkton and Weyburn libraries during the Secret Fire Tour, I was quite chuffed.

A lovely suitcase monster at the Yorkton Public Library.
A lovely suitcase monster at the Yorkton Public Library.

Both libraries were quite happy to host both me and my touring mate, Carmen Loncar (aka Best Kept Secret Girlfriend).  Interestingly, at both libraries we were surrounded by local art as we played. Weyburn had an Edgar Allan Poe theme, and Yorkton had some funky monsters.

Most importantly, both librarians were very pleasant to work with. Kam Teo, the head librarian in Weyburn, hosts authors on a regular basis. He even has a budget to pay writers, which was a lovely, unexpected bonus for us. We drew about 12 to 15 people. This was a good number considering the federal election was that night, and the Blue Jays were playing.

Meagan Richards, Yorkton’s librarian, was also accomodating. She did some promotional work for us ahead of time. We had a smaller crowd, but I expected that because neither of us knew anyone in Yorkton (and later I thought I should have promoted that stop more before ahead of time). But the local paper sent a reporter out, and he not only interviewed us, but stayed for the entire show. I considered that a nice win for us. And I would certainly recommend the Yorkton library for any touring authors.

I’ve also had a ton of support from the Turtleford Library since my book tour wrapped. Librarian Norma Corrigal has been selling my books, and she also arranged a reading/Q&A with the local book club at the library.

Overall, it was well worth it to arrange events at a few libraries, and it’s something I hope to continue to do in my career.