Friendly Fire

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“Lisa Guenther’s arresting blend of suspense, family drama, and the healing power of music makes Friendly Fire a captivating debut novel.” — Theresa Shea, author of The Unfinished Child.

“It’s clear Guenther knows rural small-town life, and in this novel she paints a vivid picture of both its foibles and its merits. But Guenther knows smart and strong women, too, and in this novel she has created one in Darby Swank — even if Darby herself doesn’t know it.” — Sharon Chisvin, Winnipeg Free Press

“The strength of Guenther’s story is its characters.  They are – all of them – flawed in very human ways, including the novel’s protagonist.  And the author does her best to skirt stereotypes while maintaining the truth which sometimes lies at the heart of stereotype.” — Leo Brent Robillard, Backwater Review

Author, farm journalist, Saskatchewanian